Shortly in the main regions of cultivation of crops will be precipitation

2019-09-20 12:08:22
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Shortly in the main regions of cultivation of crops will be precipitation

Weather in the new season contributes to obtaining good yields in most producer countries.


In the USA warm September with moderate rainfall accelerates the maturation of soybeans and corn, and precipitation, which next week will be held in Brazil, will reduce concerns regarding the future of the soybean crop. In Europe and the black sea countries, precipitation will also improve conditions for fall sowing.


Moderate and heavy rains in the Northern Plains and the Midwest with temperatures above normal and no frost contribute to the development of soybeans and corn, which are still in development. In some regions, excessive rainfall can lead to floods and crop losses.


Precipitation in the Central and Southern Plains will increase the moisture reserves in the soil and facilitate the planting and development of winter wheat crops.


In the canadian prairies a week will remain warm weather, which will contribute to the later development of canola and accelerate the collection, which was delayed by a cool summer. Then comes a sharp decline in temperatures with possible frost in some areas of Alberta and North West Saskatchewan that interfere with the maturation of plants and the harvest.


Drought in Brazil is already a month delay sowing soybean, which reinforces the concern about the fate of future crops. Another 5 days will last for warm and dry weather, and then in all regions of soybean production will decrease and the temperature will precipitation that will contribute to sowing.


the Lack of precipitation in Europe reduces the yield of soybeans and corn and delay the sowing of winter crops. The next decade in Western and Central Europe will be precipitation, which will improve prospects for winter crops.


Dry weather in the black sea countries also delays sowing and may damage the crops in Ukraine, though, contributes to the harvesting of sunflower, soybean and corn, which yield will decrease due to the shortage of rainfall during grain ripening. Within 7-10 days in Ukraine will be a few showers, which will not be able to significantly replenish soil moisture reserves.


In India during the monsoon season ends, which have improved the condition of crops and prospects for the harvest of most summer crops, and created favorable conditions for sowing of winter wheat and canola at the end of the year.


In the Central-Eastern part of Australia, another 5 days will prevail dry weather, which after 7-10 days can change a few showers, which will not improve the crop damaged by drought in winter wheat. In the Western regions due to precipitation wheat is in good condition.

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