The oversupply of wheat increases the requirements for quality

2017-08-31 13:07:12
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The oversupply of wheat increases the requirements for quality

After increasing the forecast for global wheat production to 742 million tons prices during the month have fallen by 10-15%, so now traders are paying considerable attention to quality of grain, especially in Russia and France, which increased its production of wheat.


the State Agency FranceAgrimer on Wednesday updated its report on the qualitative indices of wheat of the new harvest.

  • Within weeks, the number of soft wheat with a protein of 11.5-12% increased from 24% to 26%,
  • with protein 12-12,5% decreased from 36% to 32%,
  • with protein 12,5-13% decreased from 25% to 24%,
  • with protein above 13% has been reduced from 11 to 10%.


the Number of soft wheat of the new crop with natural weight 76-80 kg/HL increased during the week from 67 to 69%.

a number of soft wheat with a falling number according to Hagberg above 240 sec increased from 83 to 84%.


the Volume of soft wheat of medium quality a week decreased from 29% to 28%, highest quality – from 31 to 29%, but the amount of wheat premium has increased from 27% to 37%.


the Center for grain quality assessment, research examined 17.4 million tonnes of wheat (42.6% of harvest) in 10 regions of Russia and determined that the share of wheat 3 CL with protein 12% is 16.6%, wheat 4 cells with protein a 10% 54,7% and non-food wheat – 28,7%.


In the US, spring wheat, collected 75% of the area. Yield and gross yield are significantly behind the latest forecasts of the USDA, the quality was also worse than expected, but the protein content is 13% and above.


Experts expect that today, statistics Canada will reduce the wheat crop forecast to 26.2 million tonnes, which is 5.52 million tonnes less than in 2016 and 0.3 million tons less than the August USDA forecast. First of all, correction will affect quality of spring wheat.


Through precipitation during harvest in Germany, the production forecast is reduced to 24.34 million tonnes, there is a decline of quality indicators, in particular specific weight.


In Ukraine, according to experts, the share of milling wheat is around 60-65%, however officially these data have not been confirmed.

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