The vertical farm will be Plenty to collect 2 thousand tons of vegetables with 3 ha

2017-11-13 12:23:29
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The vertical farm will be Plenty to collect 2 thousand tons of vegetables with 3 ha

Startup Plenty attracted an additional $ 200 million to construct a second vertical farm that will annually produce 2 thousand tons of vegetables and will be able to feed 180 thousand people.


Farm, which will open in spring 2018 near Seattle, have an area of 30.48 thousand square meters, which twice the area of California, and will produce 15 types of greens, strawberries, watermelons and tomatoes. The head of the startup Met Bernard said that strawberries despite the small size be very sweet, and the products of the farm can be bought not only in stores, but also order home.


While Plenty vegetables on tiered shelves with led lamps technology "of internal vertical agriculture" which does not require any chemicals, sunlight and even soil in order to all year round to harvest in closed spaces of small size.


the Entire production cycle is automated. For example, transplant seedlings perform work Schleppers. And at the experimental site in Wyoming developed new methods of growing 300 types of crops. The startup recently received a certificate of product compliance to quality standards of organic food.


While Plenty has sufficient funds to open a vertical farm with a farm area of more than 9 thousand sq m in all the major cities of the world. Its assets are estimated at 226 million $. In July they received $ 200 million from SoftBank head Mass Sona, in the investors included the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Today the startup is negotiating with 15 countries and the world's largest trading networks.