On the approaches to Odessa are dozens of trucks

2016-05-12 14:57:24
Machine translation
On the approaches to Odessa are dozens of trucks

On the route Odessa-Kiev before the road police station has accumulated a few dozen heavy trucks. This is the correspondent of one of the local online publications.


Drivers of trucks do not venture to cross the traffic police post after a few days ago it installed a checkweigher. From now on, for exceeding the allowable weight of heavy trucks will need to pay a fine. This became the reason for the accumulation of cars on the track.


Carriers report that a similar situation exists at the entrances to other ports.


the Issue of overload of grain during the movement of grain to ports occurs across the country for a long time. However, the Ministry of infrastructure has still not found a solution for this problem and only purchased new weighing systems for the control that will increase the number of fines and the number of corruption during transport.


Although, to solve the problem of overloading vehicles needed is the political will and the adoption of decisions regarding weight control of the vehicle at the place of loading and unloading and the transfer of responsibility for excess weight to the Elevator or grain terminal, as has been done in the United States.