The seaports of Ukraine ordered to establish weight complexes

2017-06-27 12:23:38
Machine translation
The seaports of Ukraine ordered to establish weight complexes

the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has ordered all ports to be installed on site to conduct gabaritno-weight control of vehicles.


Deputy Minister Yu. Lavrenyuk said that "the meeting with the captains of seaports every seaport was obliged to install the complexes gabaritno-weight control and weigh any car that pulls into the area with the grain. For violation of this requirement will be imposed responsibility."


Head Ukrtranslizing M. Nanak reported that the purchase of GVK can be done by port authorities and local (provincial or district) authorities, "because the responsibility will be shared".


privacy office minifrastruktury continues to struggle with overweight vehicles by means of complexes of GVK. However, it was possible not to spend money for their purchase, and to use the experience of USA in this matter. There is the responsibility for overloading of the vehicle rests with the Sender or of the Consignee, so checking is performed on registers sent or received car in the offices of elevators or ports. Therefore, excess weight cars in the US do not download.

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