Interbank welcomes the New year rate of 27.20 USD/dollar

2016-12-30 12:12:19
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Interbank welcomes the New year rate of 27.20 USD/dollar

in 2016, the working day the foreign exchange interbank market has passed in vanity. Banks and customers have closed their foreign exchange transactions and the NBU to react to jumps of the course. There was a significant advantage of demand over supply. In fact sellers of the currency during the trades remained in the minority and the market dictated their terms. This has led to a jump in quotations on the interbank market, and then hooked and the cash dollar, the cost of which during the day was higher than for 28 UAH.


the national Bank was forced to declare auction on sale of 100 million dollars with the deadline until 11:30. However, he could not significantly bring down the excitement, so after a brief decline quotations soon they again continued to grow. At the end of the auction by conducting minor on the volume of transactions rate has reduced to 27.05/27,20 UAH/$, which miraculously coincides with the average exchange rate of the dollar used in the budget-2017.


most of the deals were made within a wide corridor of 27.10-27, and 25 UAH/$. The quotes in the range of 27.10 UAH/$ is the operation between banks and regulators at auction.


Despite the holiday mood, the market remained anxious and dependent on the actions of any major market player. This means that the dealers of the banks after the holidays clearly will not be bored. It is obvious that in volatile markets the speculative attack on the ruble will continue after the New year.