The Ministry of infrastructure promises to halve port fees

2016-11-09 12:05:01
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The Ministry of infrastructure promises to halve port fees

After the introduction of a new methodology of calculation of port fees and tariffs will be reduced at least by half, - said the Minister of infrastructure. Emelyan.


"for several years we have seen a reduction in turnover in domestic ports, caused by uncompetitive tariff policy. Now there is a political will and support from the government in order to radically change the situation," - said the Minister.


Recently, the first Deputy Minister. Kravtsov told that the new order of calculation of port charges and tariffs to be approved by the end of 2016.


"the Ministry is in the final stages of work on a new methodology for port charges. Now we cooperate with the world Bank and the IFC. It is expected a decrease in fees for transit of goods by at least 30%, which will make more effective the work of not only ports, but also Russian Railways, which acts as a link between ports and shipping" - said There. Kravtsov.


According to the Deputy Director of the Department of Maritime and river transport Mininfrastruktury O. Basyuka in the first half of November, world experts must provide the Ministry has updated the methodology, which then will be debated in society.