The Ministry of agrarian policy priorities for 2017

2016-12-29 12:12:11
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The Ministry of agrarian policy priorities for 2017

the Priorities of its work in 2017, the Ministry of agrarian policy considers land reform, the development of the agricultural sector, improving quality and food safety, market development of organic products.


the Prime Minister. Groisman said that one of the main tasks of the government is to reform the agricultural sector.


"the budget for the next year we showed our priorities, including the agricultural sector. It is included in the list of industries that can become the basis for economic growth, but also needs to be reformed," - said Vladimir Groisman.


He stressed that before 2020 it is advisable to carry out thorough land reform.


"During the land reform we should remove all populist issues and to provide citizens the opportunity to freely dispose of their property. In the budget-207 set the framework for support and development of livestock, horticulture and agricultural engineering. The subsidy will be spent on job creation, infrastructure development, increase the added value," - said Minister T. agroprodmach the Corner.


He believes the issues of food safety and reform of the system of quality control the key ministries.


"the Department continues to finalize the privatization set out in the current year, and to expand markets. Hope that MPs will understand their importance, and we complete these initiatives. The new year will bring new challenges that we will accept and overcome", - summed up the Minister.

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