The agriculture Ministry said that Ukraine is ready to open the land market

2019-08-29 12:35:28
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The agriculture Ministry said that Ukraine is ready to open the land market

the President's Bill. Zelensky on turnover of agricultural lands in Ukraine, which will be announced in the next two weeks, aimed to allow legal entities to participate in the land market, - said V. a. Minister of agrarian policy A. Trofimova.


"the Position of President in respect of legal entities is quite liberal, and is one of the main differences between us. I believe that the first transition phase needs to apply certain fuses restrictions, for example, concentration of land in one person or the acquisition of land by foreigners, so insist on a phased market opening and gradual liberalization", - said E. Trofimova.


She noted that the land reform project foresees the adoption of at least 6-7 bills, and the opening of the civilized market of rent and purchase and sale of land, with electronic Deregionalization and open the database that will bring Ukraine's economy additional annual 1.5% growth of GDP, or 700 million $ to 1.5 billion $.


Also, according to.and. Minister, an important issue is the openness and possibility of legal to track the ultimate beneficiaries of companies who wish to buy agricultural land, therefore we need to spend a lot of preparatory work.


Overall, according to A. Trofimova, Ukraine is almost ready to complete the land reform and opening of the land market, and for half a year can be resolved all outstanding issues.

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