Meteorologists believe the inappropriate continuation of the sowing campaign

2016-11-03 12:10:42
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Meteorologists believe the inappropriate continuation of the sowing campaign

According to the head of the Department of agrometeorology of the hydrometeorological center T. Adamenko, in some fields Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions has emerged winter wheat seedlings. In the majority of areas of the plants just started to descend or are in the initial phase of development of the sprouting grain. For good development of winter crops required heat, which is now the plants are missing.


Beginning Nov scored enough high daytime temperatures and low night too. Throughout the country must pass a rain with a sleet. However, after 5 November there will be a high probability of heat recovery, the air warms up to 10-15 degrees, and on the South and West even more.


Even 4-6 days so the weather will be extremely beneficial to plants: improves germination, crops will ripen to optimal for overwintering phase of tillering.


According to T. Adamenko, farmers managed to sow the wheat, 90% of the planned areas. But, despite the fact that the weather will allow farmers to get out in the field, for 10% of the space that is left empty, to spend SEV is impractical. So it's best to take them under the traditional spring crops – corn and sunflower. Sow winter barley, given its short period of vegetation of the autumn, makes sense only in the southern regions, but is associated with a greater risk of low hardiness of culture.