The Cabinet supported a bill to reduce import duties on fertilizers

2017-05-19 12:30:22
The Cabinet supported a bill to reduce import duties on fertilizers

Yesterday at a meeting of government Ministers supported the draft law which foresees the introduction of zero duties on mineral fertilizers.


"we are Talking about a zero duty for import to Ukraine of mineral nitrogen fertilizers, which will make them more affordable for farmers and protect farmers from seasonal price fluctuations," - said the Minister of agrarian policy of T. the Corner.


He noted that the decision is very important in the context of the planned revision of anti-dumping duties in respect of mineral fertilizers of Russian origin.


the Present customs tariff provides for duty on nitrogen fertilizers in the amount of 2-6,5%.


During January-March the share of mineral fertilizers of Russian production accounted for 80% of the total import of fertilizers in Ukraine.


chemists Union proposes to establish import duties on urea, UAN and selteco from Russia at least 43-45%. Domestic employers ' Federation believes that without the imposition of anti-dumping duties on foreign nitrogen fertilizer will be impossible to stabilize domestic fertilizer market.


Recall that recently the Kyiv district administrative court rejected the Ukrainian Agrarian Glad the lawsuit is about bringing to the point about the increase in anti-dumping duties on Russian fertilizer as a third party.