The hryvnia strengthened on the interbank market

2017-10-19 12:10:49
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The hryvnia strengthened on the interbank market

on Wednesday, the national currency continued to strengthen against the background of rising foreign exchange earnings through the mandatory sales of part of currency earnings for the last Friday, day off in Ukraine on Monday and Tuesday. Also the need for budget calculations has forced the exporters to increase sales of the currency. Yesterday was 576 transactions for a total amount of 360,94 $ million at weighted average rate 26,4255 UAH/$, while on Friday he was 26, and 52 UAH/$.


that Buyers understand their superiority and were in no hurry to buy the currency, which further increased the oversupply. Despite the sellers efforts to hold the dollar began falling from the first hour of the session.


we won In the end those buyers who simultaneously had available hryvnia resource was not limited in time regarding the conclusion of transactions.


Reward in the confrontation with the sellers was the opportunity to buy the dollar at a "preferential" price, who was 3-4 penny below quotes in early trading.


, the NBU decided not to interfere in the course of trading in a public format, so not out on the interbank market with the auction to redeem excess currency.


the trend in the strengthening of the hryvnia immediately reflected a decrease of UAH purchase prices, which began to fall according to the hryvnia. If in the beginning of the week, this decrease was negligible, today the traders for calculating the purchase price come from the forecast strengthening in the coming week the hryvnia to the level of 26,35-26,4 UAH/$.