The hryvnia continues to strengthen on the interbank market

2018-02-06 12:09:49
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The hryvnia continues to strengthen on the interbank market

on Monday the national currency continued to strengthen on the interbank market thanks to active sales of foreign currency by non-residents who will participate in the purchase of government bonds, which today the Ministry of Finance will place. Dollar morning 27,845/27,875 UAH to the end of the auction fell to 27.70/27,73 UAH/$.


Foreigners wish to receive additional income thanks to high yield securities due to the increase of the NBU discount rate, and due to the possible strengthening of the hryvnia in the short term. Therefore, most buy paper maturing in autumn.


Now the residents are planning to sell a currency at a high rate in the fall to buy it at a lower rate and make profits in local currency thanks to the securities.


in the morning offer prevailed over demand, so not waiting for further fall of the dollar, the majority of operators began to actively sell the currency in early trading.


the national Bank on the market with the auction did not go, but through the "request a better rate" buying currency from 20 banks.


in General was 460 transactions totaling only 256,12 million $, which testifies to the delicate balance on the interbank market and the possibility of a new rise in the dollar in the case of growth of demand.