The hryvnia on the interbank market has strengthened by 17 cents

2017-10-10 12:04:42
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The hryvnia on the interbank market has strengthened by 17 cents

on Monday at the interbank market, the continued decline of the dollar, which during the day fell with the morning quotes of 26.65/26,68 UAH/$ to 26.48/26,51 UAH/$.


In the US, this day was a holiday, so in the domestic market foreign currency transactions were made on terms THAT (that is, the supply of currency the next day after payment). Such conditions are not too interesting for customers, so it was only 448 deals worth 273,78 million $ at the weighted average exchange 26,5517 UAH/$.


But the positive result of the strengthening of the hryvnia now need to hold and consolidate. Tuesday can bring different scenarios. In the absence of compulsory sales and to market pent-up demand on Monday and Tuesday the shortage of currency could lead to the return of the dollar quotation to the level of the previous week. If the national Bank will not cope with situational imbalances of course, the dollar will rise again.


However, it is possible that in case of excess of demand over supply of the regulator will conduct the necessary interventions to keep the dollar at an acceptable level.


grain Prices have not yet responded to the strengthening of the hryvnia. But if the tendency to strengthening of national currency will remain, traders will begin to actively reduce purchase prices UAH.