Egypt has not yet confirmed the rejection of Romanian and Russian wheat

2016-09-12 13:44:36
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Egypt has not yet confirmed the rejection of Romanian and Russian wheat

due to the toughening of requirements for phytosanitary Department of Egypt on the contents of horns, last week was suspended shipment of 63 thousand tons of Romanian wheat in the port of Constanta and 60 thousand tons of Russian grain in the port of Novorossiysk.


Both parties should have been delivered on the tender, the state Agency GASC. Agreements were concluded before 28 August, i.e. during the period when the contents of the ergot in the grain was allowed in the amount of up to 0.05%.


In the Romanian grain information contains certain contradictions. At first it was reported that the rejection of the shipment of grain was made the quarantine inspectors of Egypt. Later I received information that a supplier of grain has stopped further shipments because of disagreement with the change of the terms of the contract unilaterally.


Besides the Romanian trader sharp reaction expressed the Rosselkhoznadzor that resonated in the global world community. It came as a surprise to the Egyptian government, so the Deputy Chairman of the GASC has not yet confirmed the rejection of the said parties of the wheat.


Experts believe that in uncertain policy of Egypt, he will soon be able to shortage of imported grain. Perhaps in this way the Egyptian government is pressuring traders to reduce prices. In any case, the boycott of traders will lead to the rejection of the policy of zero tolerance of ergot, or to an even greater increase in the price of grain through an additional insurance premium. Otherwise the country can expect the food riots which has happened in its history because of the shortage of products.