The dollar on the interbank market increased significantly

2016-12-13 12:09:45
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The dollar on the interbank market increased significantly

on Monday the turmoil in the interbank market continued. After Friday's jump of course part of market participants were expecting a correction, or at least delay the growth of the dollar. However, from the first minutes of trading quotes promptly pulled up. Of the morning 25,95/at 26, 05 by 11:00 rate rose to of 26.13/of 26.21 UAH/$. Everyone expected intervention of the national Bank, but he was in no hurry, for which sellers in the afternoon even more heated market.


When closer to 12:00, it became clear that the growth potential is used, and the dollar is unlikely to rise above 26,26/of 26.21, major operators came out with the main sales currencies. A compromise level of transactions has become a course to 26.08/of 26.15 UAH/$. After lunch a few sellers and buyers were trying to dictate their own terms, however, the majority of transactions took place in the hallway 26,08-26,12/26,15-26,18 UAH/$. The trading ended at the level 26,10/26,16, in a precarious equilibrium between demand and supply.


the national Bank on the market and was limited to only observing the actions of the bidders, thereby benefiting only speculators and exporters who were able to sell the currency at a very high rate. Added them and the remnants of the hryvnia correspondent accounts, which grew by almost 6.8 billion UAH (on Monday morning 44.7 billion).


Another jump in the dollar once again confirmed how the Ukrainian currency market depends on the interests of a certain circle of major players.


Major events of the interbank market on 12 December were:


  • the Growth of quotations with the morning 25,95/own 26.05 to 26.10/26,16 before the end of the auction.
  • the
  • the Failure of the national Bank from entering the market.
  • the
  • Registered 552 trades to the value of 281.3 million dollars at the weighted average exchange rate 26,1711 UAH/$.

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