The dollar on the interbank market stabilized at 28-28,5 UAH/$

2018-09-05 12:06:16
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The dollar on the interbank market stabilized at 28-28,5 UAH/$

last week, the hryvnia on the interbank market crossed the psychological mark of 28 UAH/$, and yesterday dropped to 28.5 UAH/$, which aggravates the situation.


the national Bank Intervention failed to stop the fall of the hryvnia, and only reduced it and reduced the amount of gold reserves. To keep the hryvnia without real growth in the future will be increasingly difficult.


the Devaluation of the hryvnia strengthen populist measures of the government, the outflow of capital and labor, the growth of the trade deficit, the failure of privatization programs.


depreciation of the national currency in the period, when prices for Ukrainian metal and agricultural products on world markets at a high level, demonstrated significant problems in the economy, not just the reluctance of exporters to sell foreign currency or a speculative sway of course.


the Ministry of Finance to raise funds in the budget is planning to sell government bonds that will increase the flow of currency and a positive impact on the course. To support the hryvnia will increase exports of agricultural products and the visit of the IMF mission in Kiev.


Cash dollar stabilized at the level of 27,2-27,4 UAH/$, which indicates the low purchasing power of the population. This further will put pressure on the rate of non-cash currency.


In long-term the hryvnia will remain under speculative pressure on the eve of the election struggle and the impact of negative external factors.


the devaluation of the currencies of the main partners of Ukraine and introduced them to protect domestic markets, trade restrictions reduce the volume of domestic exports and exacerbate the depreciation of the hryvnia.