The dollar on the interbank market rose to 27 UAH

2017-11-30 12:21:39
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The dollar on the interbank market rose to 27 UAH

on Wednesday at the interbank trading, the dollar continued to rise. Importers tried in a timely manner to close the debt under foreign economic contracts, leaving the purchase of foreign currency on the last day of the month. The main buyers of the currency were the energy suppliers, but later they were joined by speculators who have decided to further undermine the exchange rate.


With the initial quotes of 26.90/26,93 USD by the end of trading rose to 26.07/UAH of 27.09 and not only crossed the psychological mark of 27 UAH/$, but also continued the trend in the growth rate.


currency traders successfully took advantage of the situation and played "to improve". First auction they did not declare the volume of planned sales, and when the dollar crossed the level of RS 27 – began to actively sell the currency. And buyers were forced to buy it under the condition of shortage of supply.


the Bank has not conducted an auction for the sale of foreign currency, but if the pressure on the hryvnia will continue today and he will have to make efforts to keep the exchange rate.


the strengthening of the dollar is immediately reflected in procurement prices for grain, which yesterday rose significantly in the hryvnia equivalent, which partially offsets the losses to producers from lower world prices for grains and oilseeds.