The dollar on the interbank market can rise

2016-07-22 14:13:10
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The dollar on the interbank market can rise

on Thursday, the dollar on the interbank market rose. Exporters are not in a hurry to sell and importers intensified in the morning. So at 12:00 the exchange rate has increased to 24.82/24,84 UAH/$. The big sellers were waiting the maximum price. However, the national Bank announced about carrying out of auction to buy the banks $ 30 million. Then the sale of foreign currency began, even those who tried to hold him. In the end, the regulator has acquired 13.9 million dollars at cut-off price is not higher 24,81 UAH with a total bid of banks at 17.4 million dollars. Thus a portion of the proceeds exporters could sell on the interbank market at a high price, and the remainder to sell to the national Bank. At the end of the auction market stabilized in the range of 24.80/24,815 UAH/$.


in General, for 21.07.16 had was 461 deals worth 328,37 million dollars at the weighted average exchange rate 24,8161 UAH/$.


Experts identify the causes of exchange rate fluctuations:

  • the aggravation of the situation in the East and statements by some officials regarding the possible introduction of martial law frightens participants of the market, the
  • the supply of currency on the interbank market is growing due to the need for exporters to make low payments
  • the importers have become increasingly active in buying oil products, fearing a further increase in their value on world markets, resulting in increased priests for the currency,
  • the IMF has postponed consideration of the allocation of next tranche to Ukraine in August-September
  • payments "Fidobank" and Bank "St. Michael" pushed up the cash market, which was reflected on the interbank market.


This nervousness of the market pulls the currency up. However, the NBU competent actions can keep the dollar surge. In the near future the trend will be formed under the influence of the 6-8 largest banks, representing the interests of major exporters and importers. NBU plans to redeem excess currency at auctions, however, is in no hurry to enter the market with interventions in case of increase in demand and price growth, so as not to spoil the statistics and not to spend gold reserves.