Directorului transferred to two companies

2017-02-02 12:04:12
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Directorului transferred to two companies

a government Decree "About assignment of property complexes of state enterprises in the management of the Ministry of agriculture" Directorului transferred to the state enterprise "state registries of Ukraine" and "Kyiv regional production and technical centre for Metrology, standardization and quality."


the same order specified for the Ministry placed under the authority of the "Ukrainian scientific-production centre for the protection of labor in agriculture."


the Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine, Kutovoy said that earlier these enterprises were under the control of the State slosser, which is in liquidation. So for resolving issues of accounting and registration of agricultural machinery, verification of grain quality and addressing other issues of these enterprises was transferred to the Ministry of the AMS.


the Minister reminded that the transfer of two state-owned enterprises Directorului due to the fact that earlier she took part of the duties of the state agricultural inspection. In particular, the authority for registration of agricultural machinery, the control of the state over the quality of grain and products of its processing, dignazio over the observance of measures of biological and genetic safety in the farming selhozarteli, level control radostena of agricultural products and food products.