Derepressible strengthen control over GMO products

2016-09-22 12:40:55
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Derepressible strengthen control over GMO products

from next year Derepressible intensificare measures to control GMO content in products.


According to the head of the Department of Paws, today in Ukraine there are officially registered varieties or plant seeds with GMOs, but occasionally such products appears on the market.


"So from next year it is planned to resolve this situation and strengthen the control. And those producers who will consciously violate the law, will be responsible. In the current year in respect of already harvested crops to do this is not entirely correct, but from 2017 this will increase, and we will restore order," - said V. Lapa.


the problem of the illicit cultivation of GMOs and their subsequent treatment has been around for several years. Recently, however, it increased significantly due to the introduction by the government in the implementation of a program of deregulation of the moratorium on inspections of business entities.


Chairman of Demirtzoglou noticed that he "is not a supporter of checks, but their absence leads to systematic violations of the law. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the question of control over the producers and strengthen their responsibility. This should be done in a civilized way, due to interpretations of the relevant state programs and working with business structures".


Recall that the current legislation requires that in case of detection of products which contain GMO, to fully dispose of them. Therefore, producers who decide to grow, needs to assess the related risks.