Germany may lose part of the crop due to precipitation

2016-08-04 12:28:25
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 Germany  may lose part of the crop due to  precipitation

farmers Association of Germany reports that almost daily prolonged rainfall over several weeks significantly impede the harvest of winter crops in the country and create uncertainty of outcomes of the harvest.


Germany is the second after France, the largest wheat producer in the European Union. In addition, these two countries are the main European producers of rapeseed.


According to the Association, in some regions of Germany, which has already started the harvest for the long delay can be assembled only one-third of the wheat crop. In many regions of the country cleaning company is just beginning, so its future is unclear. Meteorologists predict that the rains will last until the end of next week.


the Association believes that the winter wheat crop will be 10-20% lower than last year.


inhibit Excessive precipitation and harvesting of rapeseed. Processed yet 75% of the area. Rains have led to the spread of fungal diseases. According to the forecast, the production of rapeseed in Germany to 2016 will decrease by 0.5 million tons to 4.5 million tons.


Collection of winter barley has already been completed. Through adverse weather conditions in some regions, the yield decreased by 10-20%. Through it in the whole country according to estimates of producers collected at 10% of barley is less than a year ago, or 8.6 million.