The budget will fill thanks to the blocking of invoices

2016-12-08 12:14:37
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The budget will fill thanks to the blocking of invoices

the Parliament in the first reading voted for the amendments to the Tax code that will increase revenues of the state budget. It is planned to create a system that will block tax invoices that do not meet the risk criteria. This will allow us to stop the schemes of evasion from payment of VAT.


At the insistence of the Committee on tax policy will automatically block certain tax bills that will prevent manual control of this process.


a Company in 5 days can prove the validity of written tax. The decision on the legality of the tax credit will receive a special Commission, to be established at the Central level. In the case that the Commission will not allow you to unlock tax, the enterprise may apply to the court.


risk Criteria, which will be a block, should coordinate the Ministry of Finance. However, it is already known that will not be blocked invoices with amounts less than UAH 1 million and those issued by manufacturers.


in the Spring of 2016 such a system to work in Kiev, which increased VAT by 2.7 billion UAH. Most of the blocked 1.4 billion tax was a "scheme". Entrepreneurs were able to confirm only 290 million UAH.


the First Deputy head of the Committee A. Zhurzhiy noted that the law stipulates the mechanism raises some concerns because it does not involve analysis only by the application of risk criteria. There is the likelihood that blocking the tax will create a great line of "normal" business. I offered to work on the Kiev scheme, where the system vdbr tax on certain criteria, and employees of DFS analyze them."