Farmers are asking for help, help in solving the problem of VAT

2017-01-30 13:11:56
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Farmers are asking for help, help in solving the problem of VAT

Ukrainian agrospilka appealed to the Prime Minister for help in resolving problems with blocked special accounts for VAT for agricultural producers.


the Specified account has been temporarily unlocked only during the day – January 13. To date, however, a significant number of agricultural enterprises were forced to pay funds to your General account for VAT.


This led to incorrect allocation amounts between the budget and the tax payers and, ultimately, to the payment of amounts owed to the payers, in their special accounts.


a Similar problem arose at the agricultural enterprises, which carried out registration of tax invoices, using the average monthly volume of the amounts of tax which were declared during the reporting 12 months (ΣОвердрафт). Such companies are also not able to transfer finances on the special account.


Agricultural unions emphasize that the problem requires urgent solutions. "We appeal urgently to instruct DFS and the state Treasury to immediately unlock additional accounts in the SER VAT in order to provide an opportunity for agricultural producers to list down the amounts declared in tax statements. And to ensure, in accordance with the laws of the distribution of funds, both in terms of VAT payment to the budget, and in part a tax refund to special accounts of farmers," the letter reads.