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Feodosia sea trading port carries out transshipment of oil, oil products, containers, steel products, clay, sand, timber, food products, etc. In summer navigation of passenger transportation services carries out the boats in the port of Feodosia Bay. At the Feodosia port's favorable geographic location, ice-free Bay, specializing berths, open and covered warehouses, modern technology of loading and unloading operations, high professionalism of workers of the port. The port receives and handles the lighters, vessels "RO-RO", tankers, dry cargo vessels carrying up to 35 kt. Possible additional loading and processing of vessels at anchor with lighters and ship crane, floating crane. Mineral-building cargoes (MSG), arriving at the port in wagons, unloaded in the following variants: carriage - vessel (direct option) the car warehouse warehouse - ship MSG unloaded at a public warehouse loading platform or in the hold of vessels by gantry cranes fitted with grabs. The boundaries of the Assembly space intended for one brand of MSG, to prevent the mixing of the cargo, separated from the other Assembly areas , special concrete dimensional arrays, providing high-quality store and store different brands of MSG. The one-time storing MSG in open Assembly areas, depending on the number of grades of cargo, is made up of 50 to 70 thousand tons. Upon accumulation of the ship consignment, begins loading the transport vessel that served in the port by order of the owner of the cargo. For the overload of mineral-building cargoes, the port is equipped with high-performance gantry cranes "Sokol" g/n 16t and working radius of 36m and Albatross R/n 10t, able to produce loading of the vessel, depending on the length of the vessel, with intensity up to 8,000 tons per ship-day. Grain and grain cargoes in bulk For transshipment of grain cargoes in bulk, arriving in the port in carriages-hoppers there are two special underground hoppers (SPB) with a capacity of 90 m3 and 120, Wheat,barley,corn,oats,bran,sunflower seeds and other coming in the port of grain unloaded two options: - in a special lowered(recessed) bunker (St. PETERSBURG), under the same stationary set.d. ways, simply by opening the bottom dump doors of the car from which the grain flows by gravity into St. PETERSBURG and with the help of a crane, equipped with clamshell grain capacity 7 m3 portable on transport vessel (direct option) or in lighters DM type g/n 1100т and having a sealed hatch covers, in which the grain is collected and stored briefly until the transport vessel. The optimal size of a ship party while working on the above technology to 5,000. Overload capacity of the complex up to 30-40 hopper cars per day. with the aid of floating crane g/n 150 tons, is equipped with a special suspension the car is lifted and transported in the hold of a cargo ship, which produces the opening of the bottom unloading hatches and unloading of grain by gravity. Overload capacity options up to 45 cars a day.
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