Zelensky is planning to discuss with farmers the model of the land market in Ukraine

2019-08-14 12:10:52
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Zelensky is planning to discuss with farmers the model of the land market in Ukraine

Model of a land market in Ukraine plan to introduce before the end of August, - said Advisor to the Deputy head of the Office of the President D. Maluska. Current discussions with industry experts. Perhaps the market will open up not only for legal but also for individuals.


we will Remind, during his visit to Turkey President Zelensky said that in 2019 Ukraine will be carried out land reform, which will allow in 2020 to open the land market.


Next week V. Zelensky plans to discuss with farmers the main provisions of the concept of the law on the agricultural land market in Ukraine, although details of the new bill don't tell.


However, the already known main points of the new document:


the transition period will last until about August-September 2020, and then the market will work fully, although by the end of this year will lift the moratorium on the sale of land and the law on the land market,

while it is unclear exactly what land will be offered for sale, many of them already included in the inventory and how will the sale process,

land reform, and especially the presence of self-concepts, will be a exam for the post of agricultural Minister.

  • the resolution for the purchase of land may be granted to individuals and legal entities (including foreign capital), which are registered and operating in Ukraine in the next 3-5 years,


According to experts, in the inventory made 83% of private shares. Derzeitiger reports that have data for only 80% of the land or 40 million hectares 60.3 million hectares (the data for the temporarily occupied territories are not included). The heads of state enterprises refuse to specify the number of lands that have owned. There is a discussion of free sale of private units, the introduction of quotas for inventoried and included in the inventory Rosselli.


not Yet clear sources of funding for land acquisitions. Experts fear the buying of land by transnational companies, therefore, are encouraged to enter the available sources for small and medium-sized enterprises or to wait, while GDP per capita will increase in 6 times.