Increased precipitation in South America accelerates sowing

2021-10-08 12:01:52
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Increased precipitation in South America accelerates sowing

In the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, the weather contributes to the completion of late harvesting and sowing of winter crops, and in South America, in particular in Brazil, an increase in precipitation can accelerate the sowing of soybeans and corn.


In the US corn belt, weather conditions continue with above-normal temperatures and periodic rains, which contribute to harvesting and the development of winter crops.


In areas of the Southern and Northern Plains, there is still a lack of precipitation in winter fields, which increases concerns about the fate of the future wheat crop. Over the next 7-10 days, the amount of rain will increase, which will improve the condition of winter crops.


In most of Europe, in particular in France, precipitation has decreased, and next week there will be dry weather. It will allow to step up the harvesting of late crops and sowing of winter crops, which was greatly delayed by several weeks of rain.


In Ukraine and Russia, dry but cold weather persists, which contributes to the harvesting of sunflower, soy and corn. Frosts expected in the near future will reduce the moisture content of corn, which will speed up its harvesting.


Late harvesting of soybeans and sunflowers delays the sowing of winter crops, but farmers have another week to complete sowing, after which heavy rains are forecast. Starting from the middle of next week, heavy precipitation will occur in Ukraine and in the south-west of Russia, which will improve soil moisture reserves and accelerate the production of winter crops. A decrease in temperature will negatively affect winter crops, especially in the Volga region, where arid conditions persist and plants are still quite weak.


In Brazil, precipitation is increasing, especially in the central regions, where soybean production is concentrated. Heavy rains will fall in the states of Mato Grosso and Paraná within 7-10 days. As of October 4, 4% of the country's land area was sown with soybeans, compared to 1.5-2% last year. According to government forecasts, compared to last year, soybean sowing areas will grow by 3.6% to 39.91 million hectares, and production – to 141.26 million tons, while the USDA estimates it at 144 million tons.


In Argentina, dry weather remains with light precipitation, which delays the sowing of soybeans and corn. Short-term precipitation is expected there within 7-10 days, but it will not be sufficient to guarantee a good harvest.

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