Winter is a new challenge for farmers this season

2018-04-02 12:14:31
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Winter is a new challenge for farmers this season

the long winter that did not allow for the sowing of early grain crops, has become a challenge for farmers, who in a short time you want to sow all spring crops.


the warming this week will lead to a rapid drying of the upper soil layers, therefore, the sowing of spring barley to call special attention.


According to the National Academy of agrarian Sciences, later the resumption of the vegetation can damage the harvest of wheat and other winter crops.


According to scientists, the warming may soon reduce the moisture reserves and reduce the effect of fertilizing plants, leading to yield reduction.


in General, winter crops wintered well and are now in good condition, that allows to hope for a harvest at last year's level, subject to favorable weather conditions.


In Russia, sowing is just beginning, sown 286 thousand hectares or 0.5% of the planned areas. Energized winter crops by 4 million hectares or 23.5% of crops, while on the same date last year the figure was 7.5 million hectares.