In 2018 in Ukraine will change the order of provision of subsidies to farmers

2017-10-18 12:01:03
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In 2018 in Ukraine will change the order of provision of subsidies to farmers

the Government of Ukraine plans next year to change the procedure for calculating subsidies to agricultural producers and to set a limit of funds allocated from the budget to support farmers in the amount of not more than UAH 150 million.


the allocation of 2 billion UAH of budget subsidies allocated for the development of farmers and encourage the cultivation of agricultural products, will be improved thanks to a change in the formulation of charges and to limit the amount of support a farmer within 150 million.


currently, the government has defined priority directions of state support of the agricultural sector next year and is actively developing a procedure for the use of 6.3 billion UAH are planned to be allocated for support of agricultural producers.


the agriculture Ministry noted that it is important not just to implement programs to support the agricultural sector and to inform about them, everyone knew about existing capabilities and could, if necessary, to use them.


the government offer to increase the financing of the program of partial reimbursement to agricultural producers of cost of purchased agricultural machinery of domestic production with UAH 550 million in 2017 up to 1 billion UAH in 2018.


in addition, support for farmers will be allocated 1 billion, half of which will be provided to farmers through cooperatives to promote the development of cooperation among producers. Another 500 million will receive family farms and those who wish to create a farm.