Japan suspended imports of American wheat for the identified GMO

2016-08-02 12:48:00
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Japan suspended imports of American wheat for the identified GMO

Japan suspends imports soft and feed wheat from Western regions of the United States for the fields of Washington state was discovered GMO wheat company Monsanto, which has not received approval and has not enrolled for commercial sale.


Representative of the Ministry of agriculture of Japan said that imports of wheat of the second class, and feed grain that comes through the ports of the Gulf of Mexico will continue.


 Partial ban on wheat imports from the US will be lifted after the government of Japan will establish a system for the detection of GMO strains of wheat.


In General, the amount of wheat, which Japan buys in foreign markets, the share of us grain is 60%. Approximately 60% of imports are food classes of wheat. Wheat is purchased three times a month in the United States, Canada and Australia. Feed wheat is bought at the weekly tenders.


Last time Japan was partially restricted imports of U.S. wheat in 2013, when GM crops were discovered in Oregon. Then the ban lasted 2 months. The Ministry of agriculture of Japan hopes that this time the import will be fully restored faster.


At the time of the ban, Japan plans to buy blazero wheat in other countries, because the millers have sufficient stocks of grain, which will last more than 2 months.


The ban on the import of feed wheat from the Pacific coast of the United States will not significantly affect the Japanese consumers. They have switched to cheaper European grain. For pasumai 2015 the largest supplier of feed wheat to Japan was the Ukraine, pushing the USA into third place. This will give additional support to the prices for Ukrainian wheat.