The quality of the harvest of Ukrainian wheat is better than last year

2016-09-23 12:53:33
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The quality of the harvest of Ukrainian wheat is better than last year

the Company "SGS Ukraine" has conducted an assessment of the quality of grain harvest in 2016, which surveyed 562 sample of wheat that were selected in different regions of the country proportionally to the grain production structure.


According to the survey, the share of wheat class 2 was 18.5% versus 10.7% in the past year, and 3-grade wheat – 32.4 per cent against last year's 20.9 percent. This information provided an employee of the Department of agribusiness FE "SGS Ukraine" Oleg Onishchenko, in his report at the second international conference "Forum market and technologies-2016" held on September 22 in Odessa.


According to the Rapporteur, the average protein in the examined samples is 11 to 97% against 11.3% last season. Gluten remained unchanged at 22.9 per cent. Significantly reduced the number of sprouted grains, 0.87% to 0.17%, improved falling number and flour strength.


Recall that the agriculture Ministry has agreed with the exporters marginal volumes of grain exports to 2016/17 MG. According to the Annex to the document (as amended from 22.09.16), the projected exports of wheat and meslin in the current season is 16.5 million tonnes including 10.1 million tons of food grains from 1 to 5 class and 6.4 million tons of feed 6 classroom and home.


As of September 15, Ukraine exported over 5 million tons of wheat. The approximate volume of export of rye is 1 thousand tons, barley – 5.6 mln ton.

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