Production, consumption and export of oilseeds in 2018/19 Mr will grow

2018-05-11 13:06:49
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Production, consumption and export of oilseeds in 2018/19 Mr will grow

World production of oilseeds in 2018/19 MG will increase by 20.9 million tonnes to 593,7 million tonnes due to the growth of gross yield of soybean, sunflower and rapeseed.


World production of soybeans will increase by 17.8 million tons to 354,5 million tons, primarily due to the growth of the crop in Argentina at 17 million tonnes to 56 million tonnes.


it is Expected that global consumption of proteins in 2018/19 MG will grow by 4%.


the Experts at the USDA increased the estimate of consumption of soybeans by China in 2017/18 MG to 97 million tonnes in 2018/19 MG to 103 million tons, while China MSG predicts a decrease of imports of soybeans in 2018/19 MG to 95,65 million tons.


the Increase in imports of SME in China will lead to growth in the volume of world oilseeds processing of 19.9 million tonnes to 509,4 million tonnes and exports of meal by 1.7 million tonnes to 90.4 million tons.


the Global consumption of vegetable oils in comparison with the current season will increase by 7.1 million tonnes to 198,6 million tons, due to increased demand from China, India and Indonesia.


World exports of oilseeds in 2018/19 MG will grow by 11.2 million tonnes to 186,4 million tons, mainly due to soybeans. Argentina and USA will resume their share of the global market after their reduction in 2017/18 MG.


the Increase in soybean production in Brazil in the current season to 4 million tonnes to 117 million tonnes offset the reduced harvest in Argentina by 1 million tonnes, that ending stocks will grow by 1.4 million tonnes to 92.2 million tonnes, This will increase the supply of soybeans in 2018/19 MG, however, with the increasing consumption ending stocks 2018/19 will be reduced by 5.46 million tons up to 86.7 million tons.