In Ukraine increased the deficit of nitrate

2017-03-07 12:09:22
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In Ukraine increased the deficit of nitrate

Today on the domestic market of Ukraine the situation with the supply of nitrate remains tense.


It is produced at the enterprises of PJSC "Rivneazot" and Cherkasy "Nitrogen". At the same time the plant in Severodonetsk finishes production of fertilizer from imported raw materials and stops on the eve of March 8, as for the purchase of new raw materials do not have enough working capital, and the cost of ammonia from Rossoshi too high.


Since early March, the plants have limited pickup nitrate traders. In General in Ukraine there is a deficit of nitrate, the distribution by region is uneven, with the best secured Western region, worse than South and Central, worse than East.


According to preliminary estimates in March, will be produced 155 thousand tons of nitrate, but most of it was contracted before the New year.


the Price of nitrate in warehouses does not rise above 8200-8400 UAH/t. The market is in sufficient quantities and at a more interesting price tag (200 UAH/ton cheaper) Russian counterparts NPK 33:1:1 and granzella with calcium carbonate. However, they are not everywhere, besides, Ukrainian farmers give preference to domestic fertiliser.