In Ukraine and Russia are favorable for the development of winter weather conditions

2020-10-21 12:10:43
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In Ukraine and Russia are favorable for the development of winter weather conditions

the Main factor supporting prices in recent times were the weather conditions in Ukraine and Russia, which affected the sowing and the winter crops.


Experts believe that the recent rainfall will improve the condition of crops and increase of sowing areas of winter crops in both countries against the backdrop of record high wheat prices, and the summer moisture deficit for crops, which is observed in recent years.


For mid-October the condition of crops of winter grain crops in Ukraine and Russia were good and satisfactory, although some of the crops suffer from moisture deficit.


Conducted by the National Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine the survey of winter crops showed that the shoots obtained in the majority of areas seeded within the recommended sowing dates, regardless of the predecessors.


So that was sown in the early and optimum time of plants of winter wheat have already formed in the sheet 2 with a height of 12-14 cm and 10-12 cm, respectively, and sown later have a height of 2-3 cm.


However, through the arid conditions in most of the territories of Luhansk and Kharkiv oblasts in the grain of winter wheat did not germinate for 17-33 days.


in plants of winter rape continues, the formation of leaf rosettes, whereas in the Central regions of Ukraine are still in the sowing.


in General, weather conditions in Ukraine promote the growth and development of plants of winter grain crops due to high temperatures and sufficient moisture level of the soil.


In most parts of Northwest, Central and Volga Federal districts of Russia in the first decade of October was warm weather with temperatures 5-10o above the norm, but in mid-air cooled down to normal levels, and in the Northern regions were frozen to -3..-1o, which are not damaged winter crops.


Almost all over the territory rains, in the North with sleet. The last decade rainfall was 15-25 mm, and in separate Northern and South-Western areas up to 35-40 mm and more.


the majority of the territory of the Russian Federation agrometeorology for the growth and development of winter crops were good or satisfactory, while soil moisture is sufficient, only in the South-East and South-Central Volga districts the conditions were unfavorable. In the southern and North Caucasus districts temperature for 5 to 8o, and sometimes 9-10o higher than normal, and in the soil, there was a shortage of moisture. In the South Rostov region, in some regions of Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai and Kalmykia rains 15-25 mm or more, which improved the conditions for the development of winter crops.


In Belarus on most of the upper soil layer is moderately moist, the shoots of winter crops are in a phase 3rd sheet and bushing, sown in October, the squares appear shoots. In the third week of October in South REGON of the country the development of winter crops will go active.

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