In Ukraine, develop new standards for wheat

2018-08-20 12:11:16
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In Ukraine, develop new standards for wheat

the agriculture Ministry has held a meeting with participants of the grain market to discuss new standards for wheat, "Wheat. Technical conditions", which include the introduction of three classes of wheat and one non-food.


Representatives of associations of bakers, millers and other professional associations, as well as manufacturers and exporters discussed the main provisions of the new instrument, qualitative and quantitative indicators, as well as the inclusion of standard 4 classes of wheat.


After taking into account comments and proposals of the new draft standard for wheat is September 26 and presented for further discussion at the website of the National center of standardization and circulated to members ТК170 "Cereal and their products".


it is Expected that approval of the first edition of a new document will be held on may 26, 2019 in Odessa at the International conference.