In 2016, the biodiesel production reaches record high

2016-12-29 12:05:22
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In 2016, the biodiesel production reaches record high

According to preliminary estimates of analysts of Oil World, in 2016, the global biodiesel production will grow by 3.3 million tons compared to the previous year and will reach a record $ 33 million.


the Most significant increase in production volumes of the mentioned products in Indonesia. Thanks to the successful implementation of the state biodiesel program, which provides reimbursement to consumers for the difference in price between biodiesel and traditional fuel by taxes on exports of palm oil, production of biodiesel grew from 1.16 million tons last year to 3 million tons.


U.S. production in 2016 there will be 5.8-5.9 million tonnes, 1 million tonnes will exceed indicators of last year. This is due to the increase in the mandatory share of biodiesel content in a motor fuel.


amid rising demand for fuel from the United States Argentina increased biofuel production by 0.8 million tonnes to 2.65 million tons.


In the EU production of biodiesel will remain at the level of the previous year to 12.4 million. It is noted that increasing the volume of production in Spain will be covered by the reduction in the Netherlands and other EU countries.