The government abolished the veterinary certificate the form № 2

2016-11-24 12:06:36
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The government abolished the veterinary certificate the form № 2

Now to obtain a veterinary certificate f. No. 2 will be optional. The decision was approved by the resolution "On amendments to the current procedure for issuing veterinary documents", which was adopted at the Cabinet meeting, reports the press service of Ministry of agrarian policy.


Ex-Minister of agrarian policy O. Pavlenko believes that such a move will allow businesses to save finances and free up time for further development of the case.


the Veterinary certificate f. No. 2 issued for the purpose of tracking trade flows of feed products and the determination of the place of cultivation of the product. However, they duplicate information provided in shipping documents. Adopted a resolution making the receipt of the document is voluntary, subject to the movement of grain and provide to representatives of vet-sankontrol copies of the consignment note and indicate the place of production of grain.


"Thanks to the adoption of this resolution will decrease the loss of time entrepreneurs will be able to avoid duplication of documents and to optimize logistics. This decision is yet another proof that reforms in the country, which should create favorable conditions for business development, continued", - added A. Pavlenko.