Ukrzaliznytsia improving the system of distribution of cars

2017-09-22 15:10:03
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Ukrzaliznytsia improving the system of distribution of cars

the Representatives of the largest companies in the agrarian sector Cargill, Glencore, NIBULON and other September 20, met with VA. Chairman of the Board of "Ukrzaliznytsya". Kravtsov and tested the automated system of distribution of grain, and also discussed ways to improve it.


Today the whole Park hoppers, grain cars, and boxcars is distributed automated system "Center of transport logistics".


"We aim to enhance the interaction of customers and Railways. During September automated system distributed over 21 thousand grain cars, cement cars 4 thousand and 2.2 thousand boxcars. In space and use a track 1520 mm there is no more transparent system. It provides us with data on all the operations, starting with the formation of the application. The lack of control over the distribution mechanism of the cars had previously provoked the abuse. Now we have transparent criteria for the allocation of grain cars and look forward to the support of market participants", - said There. Kravtsov.


Until the end of the years, the Park gondolas also come under the control of the automatic system.


In Mesplan clients see the volume of orders and number of cars. Cars are allocated between customers in proportion to the bids. Now the main allocation criteria is the distance to empty mileage between the places of unloading and subsequent loading, the time waiting for it to load, and others, but over time, the number of criteria will increase which will allow more efficient use of rolling stock, reduce empty circulation, speed up the time of operations.


the Manager at the same time sees in the system the number of client requests and the available empty cars and can quickly place the document on the shipment of the car to the place of loading.


At the request of traders. He is instructed to include in the system the possibility of creating routing shipments and urged customers to improve the logistics, to develop its own infrastructure (elevators, transit systems, etc.).