Ukrgidrometeotsentr peperga about possible problems with winter crops

2016-11-22 13:01:39
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Ukrgidrometeotsentr peperga about possible problems with winter crops

Weather conditions in the first half of November contributed to the creation of a secondary system on winter wheat crops, which have different degree of development and tillering from 1 to 4 shoots. Low positive temperatures contributed to the passage of the vernalization of plants that will ensure the development of the ear in the spring.


Timely completion of these processes will be the basis for hardening of plants against adverse weather conditions in the winter period.


Winter wheat, which is planted at the optimum time until 22 September after the best predecessors, is at the beginning of the second phase of tillering. Plant height 13-16 cm, density 420-450 PCs/m, tillering ratio of 1.0-1.2.


As of 17.11.16 winter cereals obtained on the square 6042,2 thousand hectares, or 87,2% of the acreage. This is significantly more than last year, when on that date the seedlings appeared in 71.1% of the space or 4,701 hectares.


However, the head of agrometeorology T. Adamenko noted that, in the case of reducing the temperature to -15 degrees and below almost 70% of the seedlings will die. According to experts, ready for the winter only 30-35% of the total number of shoots of winter crops. Other plants are in the early stages of germination. They can withstand a mild winter, but in the absence of snow and temperatures below -15 degrees – could die.


T. Adamenko Also warned farmers on what to sow winter crops today does not make sense, but the sowing had to be completed before November 1. As in the fields, which was planted in November, the ladder probably will not be. Now in the southern regions can still be doceat winter barley, which has the least vegetation period is only 30-40 days. Necessary for the development of crops number of warm days will be gone even in the North of Kherson region. Except in the case of an abnormally warm winter, which has not yet been projected, - said the meteorologist.