The rate of sugar beet processing is significantly higher than last year, but sugar prices have doubled

2021-11-03 12:45:11
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The rate of sugar beet processing is significantly higher than last year, but sugar prices have doubled

In Ukraine, as of October 28, 7.7 million tons of sugar beet with a yield of 47.1 t/ha were harvested from 73% of the area or 164.6 thousand hectares. The sugar content index is 16.4%, which is 0.3% lower than last year's 16.7%.


Experts of the" scientific and practical center of sugar beet growing " report a positive trend in the increase in sugar content in root vegetables. Compared to the previous analysis, the sugar content gap decreased from 0.7% to 0.3%.


Sugar beet processing rates are also better than last year. As of October 21, 31 sugar factories started operating, which produced more than 560 thousand tons of sugar, which is twice the corresponding last year's figure of 280 thousand tons. presumably, in 2021, enterprises plan to process the maximum amount of sugar beet during the warm period of the year in order to reduce the cost of gas and other fuels.


According to NASU "Ukrtsukor", in my 2021/22, domestic sugar factories as of November 2 produced 740 thousand tons of sugar from 5.42 million tons of sugar beet. Active processing and low export rates increase the supply of sugar in the domestic market, which has not yet affected prices.


If the average price of sugar for consumers in September 2020 was 14.94 UAH/kg, then in September 2021 it increased to 28.69 UAH/kg, - said the chairman of the state statistics service I. Werner at a working meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on economic development, which was devoted to the situation on the sugar market.


They noted that Ukraine has increased imports of sugar, including cane sugar, and the main suppliers are Brazil, Poland, Germany and Lithuania.


According to the Ministry of economy, due to adverse weather conditions in my 2020/21, Ukraine reduced sugar production by 25% compared to the previous season to 1.1 million tons.


In 2021, 29 sugar factories operate in Ukraine, and sugar production is projected at 1.3 million tons.

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