The world price for sugar in 2017 will fall by 7.1%

2016-12-26 13:43:04
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The world price for sugar in 2017 will fall by 7.1%

it is Expected that next year the world market prices of sugar will fall by 7.1% after the current growth by 37.8%, due to the considerable volume of proposals and good forecasts of future crops.


So, Brazil plans to reduce the acreage under sugar cane, but in 2017, expects growth in yields and increasing the total yield of 1-2 million tons, which is 1.1%. This will lead to an increased supply on the markets that will affect the price of sugar.


in addition, the change in sugar prices affected by the record levels of harvest and export from the countries of Eastern Europe.


the Limiting factor for prices can be predicted by experts, the shortage of sugar in China, whose share in world imports is 11.5%.


Recall that the share of Brazil in world sugar production is 22.1%, and in world sugar exports was 48.5%.


Earlier it was reported that the average FAO price index for sugar in November amounted to 287,1 points, which is 8.9%, or 28 points below the October value. This was the first drop after six months of continuous growth.

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