Modern PVC materials and their capabilities in agriculture

2020-12-10 13:26:51
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Modern PVC materials and their capabilities in agriculture

What is PVC and what is good about this material?

Even some 30-40 years ago on a material such as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, in the agricultural sector of Ukraine if they knew about the widespread use of it was not. As the covering materials were used traditional materials: canvas, various plastic films.

currently, PVC tarpaulins pressed its predecessors due to its unique characteristics: high mechanical strength, wear resistance, chemical inertness and resistance to weather events, low shrinkage (ability to retain original dimensions) and ease of machining.


the Use of PVC awnings in agriculture

His experience in the production of PVC tarpaulins for agriculture says the Director of "Tent story Ukraine" Igor Shvedchenko.

In the agricultural sector protective awnings PVC fabric is used for a long time and quite widely.

first, the PVC tents sheltered hay, straw, grain, firewood and other supplies that need to be protected from rain and snow. Secondly, for preservation for the winter agricultural equipment that is stored under the open sky, are best suited covers made of PVC fabric. And third, PVC coating used as roofing sheds, warehouses, granaries, barns.























Why choose PVC and not canvas?

the Traditional sealing material such as canvas, attracted by its cheapness. We compared characteristics of the two materials to find out what is actually cheaper - PVC or tarpaulin.

• From the point of view of waterproofing: PVC gives you total protection from rain and snow and does not accumulate moisture. The tarpaulin is able to retain water up to 5 hours in the future, waterproof.

• the life time: PVC will last 5-7 years without losing protective properties. The tarpaulin is designed for 1.5-2 years service with no complaints, and then wear out.

• Tarpaulin shrinks the useful area of 10-15%, for PVC, the figure does not exceed 0.5%.

• the Tarpaulin, with the basis of natural fabric, rot and spread fungus, quickly become contaminated. PVC consists of fully synthetic materials, so resistant to microflora and easy to clean easy to clean.

• PVC withstands temperatures of up to -30 ° C, it does not crack and remains flexible. Tarpaulin harden at high humidity and low temperatures.

• Tarpaulin when wet becomes heavy, while PVC does not absorb moisture, therefore not changing the physical characteristics.

the Findings are clear. We at Awning system has been convinced of the benefits of awnings PVC in comparison with tarpaulin is not only based on numbers, but on our own practical experience, therefore its partners recommend this material.


How not to be deceived by buying a PVC tent fabric

In any product there is the concept of "price = quality". Similarly, for the tent products: by agreeing to a low price, you need to be prepared to ensure that the awning will last 3-4 times less than the product of high quality PVC.

unfortunately, now on the market there are many proposals, under the guise of expensive tents sell cheap, material is of rather low quality, enticing discounts and promotional prices. Against the background of difficult, even crisis period, in business it's hard not to be seduced by a low price. But it is the fact that such products will be much lower quality than stated by the seller. Although the price differs by only 20-40%.

Buyers who are not experts, can not touch to distinguish a good quality fabric from a fake. And the result fall into the trap because you bought a cheaper tent begins to crack, crumble and wear, dubeet in the cold presents and other surprises.

How to protect yourself if you offer suspiciously low price PVC fabric manufacturers?

1) to Invite samples of fabric that wondering several sellers and compare them (density, elasticity, cracking on the fold).

2) Request the certificate of the fabric from the manufacturer. Check the brand of tissue, date, seal.

3) Compare the marked fabric on the roll. His picture you can also provide the seller.



Choosing a reliable manufacturer

a Few tips on how to choose a reliable manufacturer of tents.

• Please note experience. Company working in this field for many years, will not fail you in the case of complex designs that require non-standard solution, and its specialists will consult you on all possible nuances. The same cannot be said about the company, which operates with PVC a week.

• Read the reviews other customers and examples of work. For instance, our future customers, we offer you to visit our ready-made objects, to see the result of our work and personally verify the quality.

• the bigger the company-the manufacturer, the greater the range of PVC fabrics you can choose from. And a company like ours can supply a fabric that matches your requirements, on ordering.

• And of course, unlike the intermediary, the manufacturer is able to offer the best price for large orders.


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