Speculators attack the hryvnia on the interbank market

2018-02-20 12:09:29
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Speculators attack the hryvnia on the interbank market

on Monday the United States was a holiday due to the presidents Day holiday, so the American banks were not working, which led to a lull in the interbank market.


market Participants are not interested in working on the conditions, therefore, the volume of transactions amounted to only 183,56 million dollars.


Today, a number of proposals currency on the interbank market will be negligible, since the compulsory sale enrolled on Tuesday, the foreign currency earnings of exporters falls on a Wednesday. Whereas the importers, most of which have already held today low payments, having the ability and means to purchase the currency. The possible excess of demand over supply will have to adjust to the national Bank by selling the currency deficit on the interbank market.


Potential factor in the strengthening of the dollar on the interbank market may become a growth rate of cash currency.


High liquidity of the banking system, which on Tuesday morning on correspondent accounts was more than 52.6 billion UAH will also play in favor of the hryvnia could trigger a speculative attack.


Exporters who during the strengthening of the hryvnia started a large amount of currency, stopped its sale after the growth of the dollar from 26.7 to 27.01 UAH/$. In case of further strengthening of the dollar they can stop selling the currency in anticipation of more favorable exchange rate.