Annually processing capacity of oilseeds in Ukraine increased by 14 %

2016-05-13 15:28:17
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Annually processing capacity of oilseeds in Ukraine increased by 14 %

In Ukraine for the past 15 years have seen an annual increase of capacities on processing of oil crops by an average of 14 %. This was reported by the analyst of the oilseeds market, Yulia Ivanitskaya during his speech at the round table "Logistics infrastructure of oil cargo and oil products. The question of quality", which was held may 13, in Nikolaev.


She said that in the season 2015/16 underlying the capacity for processing oilseeds in Ukraine amounted to 19.5 million tons per year, including 14.3 million tons of raw materials annually is ready to handle oil extraction plants, and 5.4 million ton a year oligophrenia.


According to experts, taking into account the commissioning of new enterprises in the next 2-3 years, the projected increase in processing capacity of oilseeds to 23.8 million metric tonnes per year, which is 20% more than the current level.


over the last 15 years a significant demand from global markets for by-products of oil, the lack of restrictions on the export of products produced from sunflower seeds, stimulated the increase in production capacity in the country. The industry has attracted investors, the product quality is quite high and the prices competitive. Simultaneously, the development of logistics industry and related infrastructure.


Total harvest of oilseeds in Ukraine in 2015/16 is estimated at 17.3 million tons. However, given exports and the presence of facilities for the processing of 19.5 million tonnes of the oilseed in the 2015-16 season, the shortage of raw materials will be about 6.5 million tons, and the actual processing volume reached 13 million tons.

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