Explanations for completing tax bills after March 1 will provide late

2021-03-03 12:07:09
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Explanations for completing tax bills after March 1 will provide late

VAT rate Change on agricultural produce from 20% to 14%, was an unpleasant surprise to some market participants, and for accountants and tax specialists who faced technical problems with the filing of tax invoices Perechyn stocks that were purchased with a rate of 20% and will be implemented with a rate of 14%.


the letter of the state № 5257/7/99-00-21-03-02-07 from 01.03.21 sent to the regional offices, it is reported that explanations concerning changes in filling out tax bills after March 1, in connection with the entry into force of the law of Ukraine No. 1115-IX "ON amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine regarding the VAT rate in the operations of the supply of certain agricultural products" will be provided after the approval of the Ministry of Finance, the updated form of a tax invoice.


the letter Also explains the calculation and accrual of tax liabilities for VAT after laws were changed.


If the first event for the supply of certain commodity positions defined by a new Law was held until March 1, then recalculate the VAT rate and amount of tax on the date of the second event is not necessary.


In the case when the operations of the supply of these goods were made before March 1, the adjustment of the amount of tax liabilities for VAT should be carried out with a VAT rate of 20%.


So, if after March 1 is the return of the advance payment or goods listed in the new Law, a reduction in the quantity or value of the goods delivered before the specified date, then the calculation of the adjustment to the tax invoice should specify the VAT rate specified in the tax that is adjusted, that is, 20%.

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