Markets are experiencing a shortage of quality black sea wheat

2018-07-23 12:06:08
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Markets are experiencing a shortage of quality black sea wheat

In the South and East of Ukraine completes harvesting of early grain. In the Odessa region threshed 98% of areas in Kherson – 98% and Mykolaiv region – 96% of the area.


in the West and in the centre of continuous rainfall hampered the harvesting of winter wheat. The farmers have reported reduction of protein in the wheat harvested after rainfall compared with that collected before the start of the rains, and is expected to reduce yields and increase the share of fodder grain. Appeared grain affected by Fusarium and smut.


In Ukraine, on July 23, with 4 million hectares (64% of the area) accounts for 13.3 MT of winter wheat with a yield of 3.34 t/ha.


the Russian agricultural centre undertook a preliminary assessment of the quality of grain on the basis of laboratory data grain samples, selected by the specialists of the branch office.


proven 4.47 million tons, including 4.3 million tons of wheat, which is 15.8% gross yield, the share of wheat with a protein of 12.5% is 18%, with a protein of 10.5% (gluten 18-22%) – 53,5%, wheat 5 class – 28,4%.


the Quality of Russian wheat is slightly lower last year, but harvest results of spring wheat that will soon begin to collect can make a difference.


the Purchase prices for milling wheat are rising, while prices for feed wheat remain unchanged. If last year the difference between the prices of food and fodder wheat amounted to 5 $/t, now it has increased to 10-15 $.

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