Forecast corn production for France again reduced

2018-09-12 12:03:10
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Forecast corn production for France again reduced

due to adverse weather conditions this year the production of maize in France is 14% below the average 5-year level, - said the Ministry of agriculture of the country.


Although France was not the worst in comparison with other European countries, weather conditions, the gross yield of agricultural crops will be significantly reduced. Because of the heat in July and August the harvest of grain crops will decrease by 7%, and oilseeds by 13%.


the average corn yield in comparison with the previous month reduced from 10.4 t/ha to 9.1 t/ha, resulting in the harvest forecast was also reduced by 3% up to 12.43 million tons, a 13% yield togoron of 14.25 million tons.


Bad weather on the stage of the wheat harvest significantly reduced yield, through that production will decrease by 2% to 34.45 million tons, the harvest of barley compared to the previous month decreased by 3% to 11.55 million tons.


the Forecast of rapeseed production, which greatly suffered in other European countries, unexpectedly increased by 4%, while last month it reduced to 4.81 million tons However, the total gross yield of rapeseed in the spring rainy weather will give way to last year's level by 11% despite the increase in acreage.


sunflower seed Production is projected at 1.24 million tonnes, which is 23% below the record crop of last year and 13% less than the average 5-year index.


the Decrease in the forecasts of corn production for Europe, and France in particular, will enhance grain imports into the EU. On Euronext corn is trading at 179 €/t or Komi was up RUR 207.4 $/t, which may facilitate the export of corn from Ukraine, where due to record crop prices in the port dropped to 160-165 $/t and the demand at the port for delivery in October-November is almost absent.