Drought can reduce yield of soybean in Brazil

2019-01-10 12:14:33
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Drought can reduce yield of soybean in Brazil

Drought, long time prevails in Brazil, continues to cause damage to soybean crops.


In Association Aprosoja Brasil reported that in some regions of the country for 30 days had no precipitation, with the result that the losses of farmers will increase.


Consulting Agency INTL FCStone through adverse weather conditions reduced the forecast of soybean production 4 million tons to 116.25 million tonnes, and exports to 72 million tonnes to 75 million tonnes in the previous report.


If the forecast is confirmed, soybean production in the country will not exceed the record of the previous season, even though the expansion in acreage.


Other analysts after INTL FCStone began to revise the forecasts of soybean production in Brazil in the current season.


Experts Aprosoja estimated the soybean crop at 110-115 million tons.


due to the lower yields in the States of paraná and Mato Grosso de Sul, which are the main producers of soybeans, analysts Agrural reduced compared to the November report forecast soybean production up 116,9 121,4 million tonnes against last year's record of 119.3 million tons.


If the adverse weather conditions will continue in February to assess the yield and production can again be reduced, - said the Agency. Yet for Parana the forecast of production has reduced by 4.5 million tons, state of Mato Grosso-where-RS is 1 million tons, other States – by 1 million tons.


Recall that in 2017/18 MG Brazilian farmers have collected a record of 119.3 million tons of soybeans.


On the back of lower forecasts of soybean production experts increased its rating of the corn crop in Brazil. It is expected that the centre and the South of the country will gather 21.3 million tons of corn, 300 thousand tons is inferior to the previous forecast, but 1 million tonnes more than last year.


Analysis of Agrural estimates for the centre and South of the country along the Conab forecast for other regions allows us to hope that in 2018/19 MG Brazil will gather 27.1 million MT of corn will exceed last year's 26.8 million T.

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