Polish farmers scatter Ukrainian grain and strengthen the blockade of border crossings

2024-02-12 10:30:45
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Polish farmers scatter Ukrainian grain and strengthen the blockade of border crossings

After the Polish "carriers", now the "farmers" began to block the transit of Ukrainian grain, probably using Russian funds. At the same time, the protesters do not notice Russian grain, the export of which is growing despite the sanctions, including to the EU.


Yesterday at around 11:30 a.m. on the highway near the Dorogusk checkpoint, Polish farmers dumped grain from three Ukrainian trucks that were transiting to the Baltic states on the ground. There were no fights or dangerous situations, the drivers returned to Ukraine, and the Polish police opened criminal cases, although by law they should have done so in all cases of blocking transit.


The State Border Service of Ukraine reports that from February 12, Polish protesters have promised to block more Ustylug and Ugryny checkpoints. In addition, the crossings "Yagodin" and "Rava Ruska" remain blocked, in the queues in front of which 700 and 400 trucks have accumulated, respectively. There is also a possibility that the Sheghini-Medyka checkpoint, which was unlocked yesterday, will be blocked again.


We will remind you that since November 6, Polish carriers began to block the border with Ukraine, demanding the return of the pass system for Ukrainian carriers. In January, the Polish government signed an agreement with the carriers in which they agreed to suspend protests at three border crossings by March 1.


In 2023/24 MR, as of February 1, Ukraine reduced grain exports compared to the same period of the previous season by 13.3% to 23.9 million tons, while the Russian Federation increased it by 23% to 38.5 million tons.


Thus, in 2023, the Russian Federation increased its corn exports compared to 2022 by 79% to 7.125 million tons, in particular to Latvia - from 95 to 223 thousand tons, the Netherlands - from 7 to 31 thousand tons, Italy, which in 2022 did not buy Russian corn - up to 28 thousand tons.


In the 2023/24 financial year (as of February 4), the European Union reduced corn imports by 41% to 10 million tons compared to the previous season, in particular from Ukraine by 35% to 6.2 million tons.


Therefore, it is the active export of cheap Russian grain that collapses prices on world markets, and not supplies from Ukraine, as Polish farmers believe.

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