Weather conditions are conducive to the planting and sprouting of winter

2020-10-23 12:09:40
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Weather conditions are conducive to the planting and sprouting of winter

As expected, last week in the regions of winter wheat production in the United States and Russia were insignificant precipitation that contributed to programovani grain. And rains in Brazil will help accelerate the pace of sowing of soybean.


the price of wheat on world markets, which have been rising concerns about the upcoming harvest, for two days stay at 5-year high, and you can turn down in case of improvement of crops in the United States and Russia. Now traders are concerned about the cold weather front that will bring frosts can damage the crop.


In the Midwest U.S. this week were moderate rainfall, which delayed harvesting, however, contributed to the development of winter wheat. Next week in the Midwest and South and the Northern Plains of the USA will come a cold front, which will dramatically reduce the temperature, although it will bring heavy rainfall. Snow on the North and West of the Midwest and Northern Plains will keep harvesting soybeans and corn, but the rains will improve moisture of the soil.


On the Southern Plains for 5-7 days reign of temperature below normal, which will be stressful for the weak crops, but rainfall, especially in the States of Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa will improve the state of crops affected by drought prevailing since August.


In the South and Central regions of Russia have been 10-40 mm rainfall, which will promote stair, although not able to compensate for the two-month moisture deficit. During the week in these areas, the rains and frosts, which will not damage the crops. While dry weather favours the sowing and harvesting late crops.


In Ukraine, after heavy rainfall, the farmers are stepping up their sowing and harvesting late crops, as within 7-10 days will prevail dry and warm weather. The winter wheat crops are in good condition, but now it is planted on only 76% of planned area, and in a week it is planned to plant 1.1 million hectares compared to 1 million hectares in the previous week. Against the backdrop of high prices for wheat farmers can increase of the sowing areas, at the risk of sowing after the optimum time.


To South America came the long-awaited rains, which activate North. High prices for soybeans and corn will contribute to expansion of sowing of these crops.


in Brazil In 7-10 days from time to time will go moderate or heavy rains that will accelerate sowing soybean. The rainy season was a month late, but the delay in sowing will reduce yields and will only delay the maturation and harvesting of soybeans, which will delay corn sowing the second crop, which is mainly exported, and will affect world prices.


In Argentina, moderate rain will last for another week, increasing moisture reserves before sowing and will contribute to the development of wheat crops.


In the wheat fields of Eastern Australia will be moderate or heavy rains, which during the ripening wheat are not useful, while Western Australia recorded a deficit of moisture. Forecast of the wheat crop remains at the level of 28-29 million tonnes, which is twice the figure 2019

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